Sacramento and Sonoma Family Dispute Resolution Attorney

The Law Office of William C. Tyson has been providing experienced legal counsel serving Northern California since 1998. William C. Tyson is dedicated to being the very best Sonoma and Sacramento family dispute resolution attorney, and will help you come to an agreement over your difficult disagreements. William can provide you with mediation and alternative dispute resolution to avoid a nasty court trial.

Property Settlements

Property settlements can be some of the most difficult disputes Sonoma area families face during a divorce proceeding. William Tyson is experienced at helping families come to a reasonable solution for splitting these major assets to the satisfaction of all involved.

Support Settlements

Child support determination can be very tricky and is almost always contentious. What one party needs vs. what the other can afford is often a major sticking point. It’s also the cause of many bitter battles in these cases. Don’t let your family be completely torn apart by support disputes. Let William C. Tyson help you find the proper middle ground.

Paternity Petitions

One of the most important elements in many support and other paternity rights cases involves establishing paternity. When one party is unwilling to undertake such a test, discussions can grind to a halt. William C. Tyson can help push paternity petitions through, to get the gears turning once again, and establish all the information that’s needed.


Mediation is an outstanding way to avoid expensive and bitter fights in a courtroom, and it can even help to salvage some part of your relationship. Call William C. Tyson to find out how mediation can help with your family dispute resolution needs.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Of course, the best way to avoid family disputes for resolution is to provide for them in advance. A pre-nuptial agreement can provide the solutions you need before the problems arise. Talk with William C. Tyson’s Law Offices about how a pre-nuptial agreement can not only resolve disputes, but possibly save your marriage.

Sacramento Family Dispute Resolution Attorney

If you’re in the Sacramento or Sonoma areas and you need the services of a great Sacramento family dispute resolution attorney, The Law Office of William C. Tyson is dedicated to collaborative and mediation solutions to resolving your family legal issues. Don’t succumb to anger or put your important family matters in the hands of the courts. Contact William C. Tyson at (707) 578-2399 for a consultation today.

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